Divorce is probably one of the most difficult situations to overcome in life.  Nonetheless, for anyone who has who has ever had the misfortune of enduring an unhappy marriage, they know it is a mountain which must be climbed.  Although the marriage separation and divorce process often seems like a journey filled with immense pain and misery, when one (or both spouses) is the victim of infidelity, non-stop loneliness, mental or physical abuse, divorce is a way to start over fresh.

It’s unfortunate for the children involved in almost any divorce situation.  Whether or not the circumstances at home were physically or emotionally healthy prior to the family break up; what was once a normal way of life with both mom and dad becomes just a distant memory.   Children are still trying to adapt to the world on their own and being thrown into the reality that the two people who they rely on most no longer want to be together can be very traumatic.

Due to the enormous mental and monetary hardships so frequently experienced by a divorcing couple, too often the children’s emotions are overlooked.  Obviously, the average mother or father sincerely wants what is best for their kids, but the divorce trauma tends to get in the way of one’s discretion.  It’s a very common story for at least one spouse to become resentful and begin using the children as ammunition to cause pain to the other.  One of the most common methods is withholding child support payments as ordered.

To protect a child’s right to receive adequate child support payments, the State of Florida has implemented child support laws.  Most custodial parents in Florida rely on financial help from their ex partner in order to pay for their child’s:

  • Clothing
  • Day Care
  • Food
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Shelter
  • Utility bills


A typical child relying on monthly child support will struggle along with their custodial parent when payments are stopped.   In addition to the child being forced to go without the basic necessities, he or she will also miss out on other opportunities at school and within the community.   If you are a parent who is owed for payments in arrears, you need an aggressive Florida lawyer for child support law enforcement to help you collect what is owed.

Florida Child Support Enforcement

Laws are already set in place to help keep parents who are court ordered to make monthly child support payments on track.   It is important you abide by all of the rules regarding parenting plans (visitations) enforced by the courts.  Although it is tempting for a parent who has not received child support payments to react by withholding visitations, it is imperative court ordered visitations be followed.  Otherwise, the custodial parent may be dealing with a charge for Contempt of Court of their own.  It’s best to let your family law attorney deal with the ex.

The following are some of the consequences for missed child support payments:

  • Revoked or suspended driver’s license
  • Revoked or suspended business or sporting game license
  • Revoked or suspended Passport
  • Lien placed on home, land, boats, vehicles, etc.
  • Arrest charge for Contempt of Court
  • Wage/Income tax refund garnishments
  • Bank account seizures
  • Judgment placed to collect interest on any overdue payments


We understand the emotional and financial difficulties one endures during and after divorce and realize how important collecting child support is for parents.  Our team of attorneys and staff are experienced at helping to establish and enforce court ordered child support.  We will take care of the legal issues, so our clients can focus on doing what they do best – taking care of their children.  

Canty Law’ attorneys offer child support legal consultations for residents in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.  Call (561) 430-4188 today to find out how we can help, or simply submit your request here on our website and someone will get back to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday.  We look forward to assisting you.