Debt Settlement

Debt Negotiation Legal Help for Florida Residents

Are you frustrated with your credit card debt; cash advance debt, personal loans and/or lines of credit debt?  

Are you tired of getting harassing calls from debt collectors at home or work?   

Canty & Associates attorneys and legal assistants are experienced in helping individual consumers to pay off debt.  Our debt reduction services are designed for those who choose to avoid bankruptcy or do not qualify.

Whether or not you are currently facing litigation, we are the debt mediators between our clients and their creditors.  Services include attorney representation before your creditors and also in court, if necessary.  Our legal team works diligently to reduce debt amounts owed to creditors, so clients can regain a hold of their finances.

There is a long list of circumstances describing why consumers find difficulty in getting out of debt.  Divorce is probably among the top reasons why people find themselves in a stranglehold of personal debt. Job loss and illness are also common reasons.

How to Pay Off Debt

Regardless of the circumstances that created your financial hardship, for debt negotiation to be a viable option, the accounts to be settled must be past due. Creditors are not interested in accepting less than what is owed to them when an account is current and being paid timely or even just one or two months late.  Further, when determining if negotiating debt is appropriate, our office will consider factors such as: overall budget, collect ability, risk tolerance, amount of debt owed.

Although consumers have the ability to negotiate their own debt, the following are just some of the benefits of hiring a knowledgeable debt attorney to negotiate your bad debt:

  • Qualified debt lawyers are educated on the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and strictly follow the  FDCPA Rules established by the Federal Trade Commission and provide clients with professional guidance on how to properly repair bad credit
  • Open loose ends could allow creditors to come back to the debtor requesting additional payments (Canty & Associates requires everything in writing and keeps accurate records on all communication from creditors and clients regarding negotiating debt).

Canty & Associates debt attorneys and legal assistants provide clients with personalized attention throughout the entire negotiation process.  We will work with your creditors and stop the harassing phone calls.  Simply call us toll free at (561) 430-4188 or submit your information on our online contact form to request a Consultation and someone from our office will contact you within 24 hours during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST).