Simple Divorce in Florida

If you are visiting this page, you (or someone you know) are probably thinking of getting a divorce.  There are countless reasons for a failed marriage, but often times it is simply that one or both spouses feel they have grown apart.   In many circumstances, a friendship still exists between the couple, but the “chemistry” has diminished. 

When a couple can contain a friendly relationship while filing for divorce, it can be extremely advantageous to both. The couple’s ability to reach a mutual agreement on issues such as property settlement and child custody issues simplifies the process of divorce significantly and often cuts the cost for a divorce by more than half.   This type of divorce is classified as an “uncontested divorce” (aka: “no contest divorce” or “simple divorce”).

When dealing with an uncontested divorce, all that is required is to simply state you want a divorce.  In most cases, all that is required is the confession, “We don’t get along”.  This phrase comes in many terms, including “incompatibility”, “irreconcilable differences”, or “irremediable breakdown” of the marriage.

Getting divorced does not have to be as costly, traumatic or time consuming as the famous celebrity divorces you may have heard or read about.  Nonetheless, the process of divorce is most often always difficult emotionally (regardless of the circumstances).  However, an uncontested divorce is the quickest way to get a divorce and makes the entire procedure less painful. 

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