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Most Law Firms do not take on assisting Consumers with small claims defense because the cost of representation at their standard rates would make the representation prohibitive. Many creditors especially credit card companies, collection agencies and debt buyers use the Small Claims Court to commence lawsuits relating to credit card or other small debts. It is also utilized by contractors or other service providers with small claims.

It is also utilized by contractors or other service providers with small claims. The creditor knows that approximately 95% of consumers sued will fail to respond to the lawsuit and that they will be able to get a default judgment. Once they have the Judgment it can be reported to the credit bureau and stay on a credit report haunting and negatively impacting a consumers’ credit profile for a minimum of ten years. In many cases the unsatisfied Judgment becomes a thorn and the consumer pays it so that it will be reported satisfied.

Our firm understands the fear people experience when they are being sued and is committed to help. Many small claims matters can be handled without a lawyer but the benefit of having a professional familiar with what the Plaintiff must prove to successfully receive a Judgment is invaluable. We cap our fees based upon the issues presented so as to be reasonable and affordable. The initial consultation is free. To Contact our Office to schedule an appointment please call (561) 430-4188, or simply submit request here online.

We can also help with debt negotiation legal assistance and also for filing bankruptcy in Florida.